Tips for organizing your first solo trip


You’ve never been on a solo trip but seeing all these women discovering their region and the world is making you feel like an adventurer. Ready to face the unknown yes, but where to start?

You have never organized a solo trip and although the desire is there, you already feel overwhelmed. Don’t panic, here are a few essential tips for organizing your first solo trip.

  1. Start small for your first solo trip

When you say travel, you say destination, but how do you choose the right one? Here are some tips to help you feel prepared and choose the destination that makes you want to go. A first solo trip can involve some apprehension.

In this case my advice is to start by traveling to a destination close to your home, why not in the same region or the one next to it. You will feel less disoriented and if you are really too uncomfortable you can always ask your travel buddies to join you or go home easily. However, to avoid this kind of scenario, plan to leave for a weekend or a few days only for a first solo trip.

If you feel ready to travel a little further, target a destination that encompasses some of your interests and passions. You’llfeel more comfortable in a somewhatfamiliarenvironment.

Once you are more confident, you will find it easier to take part in new activities and discover the place where you have chosen to travel as you wish. If you are afraid to leave, if you are a bit stressed at the idea of being alone, I advise you to sleep at a local’s house and at the same time take advantage of a free accommodation.

  • Take your time to get organized

Second tip for organizing your first solo trip: be prepared. Yes, it is indeed very vague… So what do I mean by that? Prepare everything you can beforehand, suitcase, planning of activities to do once you are there and potential reservations. Everything that will help you feel more confident and enjoy your trip serenely. However, be careful not to plan too much in order not to be disappointed during your trip.

Personally, during my trips, I remain very flexible on my activities and the course of my stay.After all, if things don’t go as you planned, it’s not the end of the world. When you look back on that first solo trip, it’s certainly not the first thing you’ll remember or laugh about. Especially since you don’t know all the possibilities offered by the destination you are going to.

You will certainly have listed the most touristy activities, but who knows, once you are there, you may meet locals who are happy to show you the city and its secrets. Seize the opportunity, your trip will be more memorable and you will have a much less touristy view of your destination.

In case of a problem, keep it in perspective, there are often unforeseen circumstances when you go globetrotting but there will always be someone to help you on site.A solo trip does not mean being alone for the whole trip.

  • Think about mental preparation

“What does it mean now? How do I prepare myself mentally?” I come up with explanations!

A first solo trip can be quite stressful because traveling is one thing but traveling alone is another, especially as a woman. So to be ready we make sure that in addition to our suitcases our brain is also ready and we approach this trip with desire rather than anxiety.

Personally, to do this, I start by making a list of all the things that stress me out, my potential reluctance to make this trip and what could go wrong. Once that’s done, I take stock and try to find solutions to what I’ve written down but most importantly, I relativize.

That fear at the top of my list isn’t so terrifying after all, and this thing that I’m worried about isn’t so insurmountable. Believe me, you are capable of much more than you think.

This is also one of the keys to a safe solo trip: trust yourself. The more confident you feel, the more comfortable you will be. Your instincts are often right, so maybe it’s time to follow them. Sometimes you will even find yourself completely alone and that is the whole point and pleasure of this trip. In case of stress or doubt, you are never far from someone to help you if needed.

  • Prepare your suitcase accordingly

After the mental preparation comes a preparation that is just as, or for some, even more complicated: the suitcase. I can feel you shaking as you read this word. Ah the charming suitcase, source of anxiety, irritation and finally resignation and abandonment.

So how to prepare your suitcase ? The trick when you travel solo is to pack a small suitcase with the bare essentials. You’ll be glad your suitcase weighs as little as a feather when you have to lift it over your head to put it on a shelf on the bus or train.

Prepare it with the essentials depending on the destination you are going to. Hiking shoes, bathing suit or après-ski, evening wear (you never know), toothbrush and first aid kit are all there. For the rest, you will not leave in a country without civilization, you will certainly find a mini-market to fill your forgetting.

For those who don’t even want to pack a suitcase, you can even just take a backpack. If you feel more comfortable, you can also make a list of everything in your suitcase to make sure you don’t leave anything behind when you pack it back up at the end of your trip.

Also remember to make a copy of your important documents or ID, so you will always have a version on hand in case of loss or theft (unfortunately, these things are difficult to anticipate). Keep these copies in your suitcase or in a digital version in your laptop.

  • Plan B, C, D…

I don’t ask you to have a plan B for absolutely ALL your trip but especially for your journey. Between strikes, demonstrations or claims of any kind, I am sure that you too have already experienced a delay or even a cancellation of transport. What could be more stressful than having to find a last minute solution to get to your destination.

My tip for not having to worry too much about this is to have a fallback solution, a plan B (or even a plan C). This way you will be less surprised if your first option falls through and will know what to do to finally reach your destination. This will allow you to feel more in control of the situation and therefore more confident. Say goodbye to stress, neither it nor a strike will spoil the pleasure of your first solo trip!